Lecture Presentation


Over the years, many students, yoginis and friends have asked about my travels to different parts of India.  I am happy to share my experiences and insights by leading a guided tour this winter during November and December 2017.  Join me a week or up to a month as I organize visits to this beautiful land.  I will include yoga classes and lectures on the history and mythology of the places we visit. Please contact me for information on dates, itinerary and cost. 



Margaret Saraswati Kruszewska is available for presentations and workshops on the history of yoga and women in religion. Please email her regarding schedule and fees. saraswati@yoginis.org


  • When Yoga Was Female: Repositioning the Yoginis
  • Hinduism and the Divine Feminine
  • Women and Goddess Practices in America
  • Saraswati: goddess of no husband/no child
  • Sacred Sounds in Spiritual Practices
  • Black Madonnas of Poland
  • Comparative Mythology
  • Research Methodologies in Religion
  • Art and Religion
  • Origins of Buddhist Philosophies
  • Hinduism and Buddhism in Asia
  • Why Feminism Changed Everything: Methodologies in the Humanities